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August 05 2017

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Network Marketing vs Internet Marketing

Network marketing and Internet marketing are closely related.  Network marketing employs the use of the telephone and personal communications a bit more than your average Internet marketing strategy. However most of the other principles are similar.

With Internet marketing, advertising is done primarily on the Internet and via email, and leads are captured through online web forms.  Telephone calls would be made usually only upon request.  However, some Network marketing strategies are used when an email is received from the prospect and at that point a call is made. 

Internet marketing companies do recommend calling all leads the same as Network marketing companies do. This just doesn’t seem feasible though when you are getting hundreds or even thousands of leads through lead capture online. 

Some marketers still purchase leads and even with this it seems that the sheer number of calls one would need to make would be difficult to maintain for the average home business entrepreneur without a staff. The use of surveys to your leads could help you to determine the best way to spend your time on the telephone.

Surveys used in Network marketing and Internet marketing would give you some background on your prospect.  What are they doing in their business? What problems do they have? At what stage are they at in their business idea?  This not only gives you some points with which to start a conversation, but also will help you to convey your interest in helping them.

The Internet is actually a vast group of smaller networks all linked together.  It is by far the easiest and most productive use of your time to center most of your advertising and contact online.  There is no comparison as to costs of doing business.  The Internet is primarily free, while marketing and advertising offline is expensive for materials, postage and time.

Both Network and Internet marketers employ email marketing to advertise and of course this is still free, other than most would have an autoresponder to manage their mailings.  While there are free autoresponders, they are usually very limited in scope and function. 

However the primary reason one would want a reliable, reputable autoresponder is so that their mail will be delivered and spam complaints minimized.  The autoresponder company would work with the ISPs to mediate any situations that affect their reputation.  All transactions are documented by a 3rd party to protect you in the event of any complaints.  Read More.

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